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I've always been a maker.  In 2016 I reconnected with clay, and in 2019 took my first raku class with Don Ellis.  Once I was introduced to the magic of the naked raku process I knew I had found my focus.


The urns are finished with stacked beach pebbles. I have admired stacked rocks in nature.


Fortuitously found when one is unsure of the way to go, stacked rocks mark a

path in an unfamiliar landscape.

Pieces are available for sale through private appointment and at galleries and craft shows.  I am currently setting up an online store to sell my work which will open in 2024.



I make my own brass ribs to explore different curvature profiles. My forms are weighted at the bottom, middle, or top; each piece finding a way to hold its center.


I have found and become obsessed with the ageless black and white patterning of naked raku. I find the effect graphic and arrestingly beautiful: inky fractured drama embedded in the clay. This atmospheric firing is a collaborative dance with chance; I can control many aspects of the firing process, but never know what the end result will be. 


Each piece is one of a kind.

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